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Flash Fictions Have Been Established!

I’ve gotten one step completed for my site now! Hooray! I think I’m gonna work on posting my poetry that I’ve got next. That was a difficult decision because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to compile them into a book first or go ahead and put them out there. I think putting them out there wins. They’ve been sitting around in my file box not doing any good. With one exception! My old apartment complex put one in an October newsletter. That was a definite happy!

This project may take me a bit since all I have available are what I printed off for class. The rest are on old hard drives I need to rescue at some point. I’ve gotta put something up though! And there are some of these that I really love and want to share.  🙂

While I’m working on those, here’s the current rendition of my Flash Fiction! I hope you like it.


*Update: I have 7 of my poems posted! I still have more coming, but I need to track them down and format.


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