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My Daily Happy

Here’s an excuse for ya! I work days and my significant Buttface works nights. There are about 3 hours in the day when we can see each other awake before one of us has to sleep (and the bed happens to be in the computer room … computer… bedroom… something like that). So, until I can afford a new-shiny-mobile-blog-posting-device that is easier to work with than my phone, my posting while the hub is still under construction will be sporadic; I will eventually delve into the posting process on a more regular basis.

Sometimes, it’s just hard to get motivated to do what you need to do. The weight of all the things that need to be done;  the friendships you need to cultivate, the social life you need to have, the money that needs to be made so you can feed yourself and the internet gods, the time to realize that more than 3 lines of a continuous sentence is far too many and should be considered a run-on that abruptly stops .  All of these things will shove themselves in your face and give you an endless stream of reasons not to do that thing that makes you happy. Everyone deserves to be happy. If you are genuinely happy, that spreads to the people around you. The problem is, people put themselves last far too often. While putting others first can be a good thing, if you deny yourself what you need and want to make you happy, you become a sinkhole of resentment. That affects you and the people around you. I don’t care how good you think your mask is, it will eventually come unglued. Shoulda used string! Or that elastic stuff.

I try to find myself a “Happy for the Day.” It can be a picture, animated gif, video, or article. Anything really. I’m stuck in the funk of the 2010s where my paycheck is already gone before I can enjoy it. I try not to be, but I can get bitter about it sometimes. A lot of people are stuck right here with me. With that kind of reality, it can be hard to feel motivated to do anything happy. You have to fight it. You need to find something that you can read, look at, listen to, interact with to get you centered and motivated.

I have this Discovery Channel video bookmarked right now with so many of my favorite people being happy! I don’t know how many times I’ve played it, but it just makes me right with the world.

Find something that makes you want to go out and do something. Then don’t reason your way out of doing it.

I really should be in bed right now, but I felt I needed to get something on here done!

Find your daily happy!


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