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Hooray Additional Income!

I have done a lot of research about freelancing. Mainly, I want to work from home on my computer to supplement my income. Right now, I have a wonderful full-time job at a used bookstore that I love–wonderful people, benefits, vacation time, and sick leave; it’s great! But with student loans and personal debt, I need some supplemental income to get everything paid down and still be able to afford gas and food. My parents have been fantastic about spotting me money for necessities, but I personally need that to not be my reality anymore.

My older brother has wanted me to work at his agency for a few years now. He’s been keeping an eye out and poking around trying to find something that would work. They have opened up a “Scribe” position to help streamline their paperwork and make everything more uniform.

Finally, everything lined up. Contact was made and an interview was had. My training starts on Saturday morning before I go to my other job! The faster I pick it up, the sooner my schedule will free back up.

This is a step towards getting my debts freed up! There is time in life for everything eventually. Right now, my time requires that I work. The sooner I can build my craft, beef my CV/Resume/Whatever, the sooner I can find some creative outlet with people I can bounce ideas off of (and pay my bills)! It’s a happy step in a positive direction. I just need to build myself up, keep working, and keep practicing. It won’t happen overnight, but it is worth investing my time into.

A project will be produced from what I learn from freelancing:

I like to write how-to’s. I would like to create a straight forward, more specific “here’s what to expect and what I’ve run into,” while I stumble my way through this and progressively improve. I’m sure I’ll find what many other freelancers have posted over the years: you will mess up, keep going; not every client will be happy with you, keep going; the more you practice, the more you’ll earn–eventually you may be able to charge more for your services; know your worth; separate business bank account for taxes; DO your quarterly taxes; etc. There are many of these that I’m still unclear about, but I’m sure I just need to step in and experience them to understand them.

Aaaaand jump!


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