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Once Upon A Time

I’ve got another segment of my site up and available for reading! It’s short right now, but that it’ll be added to as I keep journaling. It’s something I started doing when I didn’t feel I had time to write a story. So they’re super short-shorts; anywhere from 1 to 3 sentences long. I started them all with “Once upon a time,” and they were pretty much stream-of-consciousness. I would write whatever the first thing was that popped into my head following those four words and these are the babies of that.

I’ve also gotten some reviews on my freelance work. With that, I need to edit and get some more info. I’ll get those approved and then released into the world of getting paid to write stuff. Well, transcribe, but there’s still some creative effort to condense the recordings into a few short sentences!

I’m still glad I’m slowly getting this site together. It could probably move faster, but I’m going with the slow-and-steady approach. I’ll get this built up, try and make it as navigable as possible, and then dedicate time to its upkeep. It’s going to require some shuffling. I’ve already been dropping the ball on my flash fiction exercises. But I’ve got to allow myself some space to breathe and make time. Slow and steady. It’ll all come together.

To the little victories! May they keep driving us forward!



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