Writer Blog

Setting up!

Hooray! I’ve got my netbook now! It’s gonna be my dual freelance work/bloggery tool.

Her name is Pepper Potts (my PC is Tony Stark. My car is Jarvis. There’s a theme here).

So now I’m trying to train up the battery (doing a poor job of it because I’m impatient), getting the updates installed, and am waiting on all the official paper work so I can get some more trial-runs done of the notes I’ll be transcribing. Then I’ll be released into the world of paid transcription! Woo! There will also be less of an excuse to not update here. I’m still working on a 2 week old flash fiction. It’s not very “flash,” but I don’t care at this point 🙂 It must be done!

Once upon a time, Eyeball met Pollen. Pollen was sad and homeless. It needed some place to stay. Eyeball didn’t appreciate the company, but Pollen invited itself in anyway. Eyeball thought Knuckle was its friend, but Knuckle just ensured Pollen’s permanence.


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