Writer Blog

Ever get that feeling?

Do you get that sad anxiety when you feel like you should be doing more than you are?


Sometimes the Ups will find their Downs.
Sometimes the Happies are flocked with Frowns.

Doubts break in and harass the Mind.
Fear comes home and bides its Time.

The road to Future laced with Unknowns.
The Stalling smog makes Starlight groan.

Intents meet Snags in shady rooms.
While Dreams fade out in graying Tombs.

It’s time to do what you need to do.


Maybe if I tell myself that enough times, it’ll happen.

Even though I know that actually doing is what will make it happen.

Keep stepping forward.

*walks off the screen*

My regular Flash Fiction fix was quick this time (Still working on the old one).

The Kick-Ass Opening Line. The Shorter the better.

I woke up on a train with blood on my hands an no one around me noticed.

I like trains…and potentially scary stories.


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