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Man, I’m pooped! Heehee…. poooop. Doodie. Turds. I need sleep.
(By the way, SleepyFecalSphincter sounds like a wonderfully awful super hero.)

Ok, now that’s out of the way. I’ve only just begun juggling my full time bookery job and this part time freelance stuff. I just e-mailed my first invoice for my first notes and have been working on getting my second client’s paperwork in order. I will probably feel a bit addled until I get settled into a routine and find the best method of transcription. One that involves less file-flipping/file-searching and more typing and editing.

I know it’s going to be weird at first. I know that mistakes will be made and possibly deadlines not met. I’m afraid of those things happening and will do my best not to let them happen. But I also am choosing to not let those fears stand in my way.

I have before. The fear of not having the knowledge-base that others have has kept me from trying many new things. I don’t know where I learned this skittishness, but it’s gotta stop. I didn’t join the Robotics Club in high school because of it. I didn’t take automotive classes because it wasn’t a career choice I was going to follow. Plus I was worried about not going in with a basic knowledge that others probably grew up with.

I freeze more easily than I’d like to admit. I also struggle with telling people “no.” It feels like I’m letting someone down when, really, I’m making sure that my needs are being met as well. That’s the fast-track to burning yourself out. When Paige burns herself out, it means dropping things, running into things, and, in extreme cases, crying or running her car into things. The latter hasn’t happened since high school, I’m glad to say. (I’m sure my insurance agent is happy about that, too.)

That is something that I will have to closely monitor with this new side-gig. I’ve taken on a third client, which is fine. She has a small case-load right now and is just getting set up herself. That’ll help me out a ton right now while I’m getting used to this. Until I get the hang of it, I think 3 clients will be my maximum. You heard it here and I must be accountable to myself.

Once they’re all set up, I will have to figure out some routine to get their work done without killing all of my free time. I treasure my free time. It is… precious to me.

Sméagol loves free time.


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