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Who Posts Short-Shorts? I POST DARK SHORTS! Wait…

What Has Become of Me?

I stood for days in a field watching the sun rise and soar over my head until it sank back into the ground. I feasted every day. I grew strong and beautiful. I opened up to the world and the world loved me back. It was a wonderful life until one day, a curious creature visited me. We gazed at one another. It reached for me and I couldn’t react. It ripped me apart, tore me from my field, and took me to its den. There, I was confined to a prison half-full of water. I felt some relief, but not enough. A second curious creature approached me. It showed no concern, no mercy. It only smiled and embraced the first. There would be no help for me. I waded in that water for days; I withered and shrank. The creatures ogled as I shriveled into nothing.

What Has Become of Me?


I hope you enjoyed it! I posted later than I liked because I was trying to find code that would work for me to toggle the images. Had to settle with the good ol’, “open in new tab,” routine for now until I can refresh my dusty coding skills.

This is part of my plan to at least write a little a day. Even if they’re short-shorts, at least I’m getting some writing practice and refining in! I haven’t had any incoming scribe work lately, so I figure I may as well do something fun in the meantime. Hooray!

As for the picture: the quick sketches I’ll sometimes provide will make no attempt at proper aspect/ratio, proper shading, proper anything, proper “why the hell is the shadow doing that? That’s not a proper shadow or placement for a glass of water!” Well, I’M NOT SORRY!

Until Tomorrow! (Today? Oops!)



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