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Oops This Had No Title

Continued from yesterday. I’ll repost the previous one in italics for a more-fluid read-through.

Once upon a time, a girl was pushed off a ledge. She fell into the catacombs beneath the city and a man’s guffaw fell with her.

“Sleep tight, princess.”

She was no princess. She was scared with skinned palms and bruised knees. She had no idea how far she’d fallen. No idea how to escape. And she only had the faintest of rumors of what roamed beneath the city. 

She strained to see the man’s face, but all she could see was the glare from his glasses and the shine from his teeth. 

“Please,” she said, “please just get me out of here? I want to go home. I won’t tell anyone!”

He stared silently back. 

“PLEASE?” her yell echoed down the passageways. 

“You’ll live longer if you’re quiet. But what fun would that be?” the man’s laugh clattered off the walls and he walked away. 

The girl found her way to the wall and wrapped her arms around her knees. 

“Is he gone?” the girl stifled a squeak, startled by the new voice.

I think we’ll play this little story-line out. We’ll see what happens tomorrow!



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