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Deer Juice

Deer-Juice, like a Bloody Mary, is the breakfast/brunch cocktail of the Dwarf-Ogres from the Slovenly Forest.

2 parts fermented deer blood
1 part fermented deer bile
a squirt of skunk scent-gland

Pour into deer bladder flask and shake.

Rog and Derk are on our way to find and rescue Derk’s sister, Grola, from the nasty elves. Derk wouldn’t touch anything Rog tried to give him. Derk didn’t want skunk jerky, rabbit toes, or lizard tails! Those are his favorites! Derk was too sad. But, after three days of traveling, Rog noticed all of Rog’s Deer Juice disappeared and Derk has stinky hiccups and walks in zig-zags. Chomp, Rog’s one-eyed toad, has been burping some rather red bubbles, too. Rog must investigate later.

Right now, Rog must keep Derk and Chomp quiet. Rog heard an elf-noise.

Rog tried hiding in the bushes, but Chomp kept barking at butterflies and Derk kept singing in the tree.

Rog remembered Elder Dommarow said the fastest way to get Dwarf-Ogre to straighten up is the threat of a bath. Rog grabbed Chomp, climbed Derk’s tree, and threw them both in the pond behind the tree.

Rog ran to check out the elf-noises, but Rog only found a wee she-elfling singing to the butterflies Chomp barked at. Rog is glad Derk didn’t see her. Derk is still too mad. Rog doesn’t want to hurt innocent elflings.

Rog pulled a wobbly Derk out of the pond. He didn’t notice Chomp eating his hair. Rog took Derk and Chomp to a different part of the forest. The wee she-elfling’s parents must be close by, and Derk would give Rog away with his singing. Normally, Derk sings very well, he hits all his notes flat and sharp like a good Dwarf-Ogre. Derk’s ancestors would be proud. But when Derk is wobbly, Derk sings all notes in-tune. Makes Rog’s ears hurt.

Rog and Derk will not find Grola tonight. Derk needs to get himself together.


This was a flash fiction challenge at Chuck Wendig’s “terribleminds” blog. It’s considerably shorter than the 2,000 word limit, but it’s been so long since I wrote a “Rog Blog,” I felt it deserved a shout out! The posts are written from a She Dwarf-Ogre’s perspective. They are written in short blips much in the way a web-comic is in order to keep me writing daily. It worked for quite some time! Then life happened and I never successfully picked the story back up. My future plans are to resurrect the blog and re-release the posts with sketches and paintings for each one. I figure I can get away with rough sketches and an occasional painting when I have the time.

I miss my blogofrog and I should fix that. I just need to start sketching and make the blog site more functional.
The catacomb story will continue tomorrow!




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