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Catacomb: Name

(Story so far can be found here.)

“My name?” the voice asked, “It has been so long. Have I ever had a name? What is yours? Maybe we can share?”


“Hmm. That doesn’t sound right for me,” the voice said, “and I suppose it would be confusing. I would like a different name. I think ‘Gretta’ feels right. Do you think it matches my shoes?”

Lydia squinted at the voice’s dark shape and shrugged, “I think they work perfectly together.”


Lydia followed Gretta deeper into the tunnels until they reached a large room with no exits.

“Follow me,” Gretta said. She began walking in a large circle. Lydia just watched from the entrance, “Come on! Don’t want to get lost now, do you?” Lydia shrugged and followed Gretta in the large circle. On the third pass, a trail of light followed her footsteps until it joined itself.

Lydia blinked at the bright circle. The once-solid floor was now a hole.

“In ye’ go!” Gretta said and pushed Lydia.


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