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Catacombs: Furniture & Dinner

(Here’s your double-dose of Catacombs! Read the story so far here!)

“Erm, yes! Thank you,” Lydia said, still overcoming her shock. Gretta nodded in Lydia’s direction and shuffled into another room. Lydia poked around while Gretta clanked and grunted in what must have been the kitchen. The walls were pretty bare. The only things in the room were some unusual chairs and blankets. She couldn’t quite place the material, but the furniture was a strange leather and the blankets were made from something very coarse.

Gretta returned to the room and held a bowl out to Lydia, “I’m afraid it’ll be leftovers tonight, dear.”


Lydia thanked her and took her bowl to one of the chairs.

“I do hope it’s warm enough for you,” Gretta said. Lydia looked at her stew and found something staring back.

“It’s… it’s fine. What do you call this?” Lydia spooned the contents around the bowl finding bits of fingers and what looked like the tip of a nose.

“Another name?” Gretta asked, “Funny how everything needs a name. I just call it dinner.”


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