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Catacombs: Double Gretta Smash!

(Read the story in full here!)

Just as Lydia replaced the panel, she heard the pantry door creak open.

“Child? I grow tired of this game,” Gretta gave a rattling sniff, “Ah! I do believe I have found you!”

Lydia put on the apron and quietly moved the jars and food into its pockets. She heard Gretta clattering through the contents of the pantry searching for her. Lydia pressed herself against the wall and held her breath. She strained to hear what was going on over the sound of her racing heart.


Gretta rustled around the pantry a few moments more before smashing a couple of jars against the wall in frustration, “Come out at once, Child!”

Lydia leaped from her spot, quite startled, and made her way down the passage. She wanted as much distance from Gretta as possible.

“There are things you do not yet know!” Gretta’s yell echoed after Lydia as she smashed another jar.


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