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Catacombs: Cata-Caterpillar!

Sorry for the delay! I’ve been socializing after work instead of coming home, relaxing, then writing before bed. Here’s something to tie you over until tonight (Full story so far here!)

She sat for a moment and took in her surroundings. The glowing caterpillars gave her enough light to follow the passageway, but not enough to garner any details about the passage around her. She got a close look at a caterpillar crawling next to her on the wall. It had a  lightning patter that glowed blue splayed across its back and was munching on a patch of moss. She held her hand down for it to crawl on and received a shock. She gasped and rubbed her hand to get the feeling back.

“Well, aren’t you vicious!” Lydia said.

She wiped her palms on the apron, causing the jars to rattle. She picked up one of the smaller, empty jars and approached the caterpillar again. She used the lid to scrape it and some of the moss into the jar. She screwed the lid on, found a sharp rock on the ground, and punched some holes in the top.

“That’s better. Let’s find you a friend.”


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