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Catacombs: Rumors and Stories

(Oops! I dropped off for a few more days there. Also needing to make some decisions about where the plot is going and should perhaps outline? Anyway! Here are the little bits again!)


Lydia heard many stories about what lived beneath the city. Children would dare each other to crawl into the drains; one child mysteriously lost her foot, but most children backed out at the last moment.

She heard about the rats the size of wolves and the bats that would bleed you dry in a matter of minutes. There were tales of creatures that were half-snake and half-monkey that would poison you, rip your head off, and throw it around like a toy. The people who were said to have survived in the catacombs became monsters themselves, such as Gretta. But there was one beast who was rumored to rule this entire underground world.


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