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Catacombs: Tall Tales

(Pushing forward! It’s easier once I get started!)

Lydia had only previously believed that these stories were used to get children home before dark. After all, the stories only grew more ridiculous and scary every time her grandmother told them. The, “Beast of the Catacombs,” was a mimic. It would imitate the cries of the helpless; a screaming baby, a drowning dog, or a sobbing child. If that didn’t work, it would offer comfort to the cold, an ear to the forlorn, or food for the hungry. According to Lydia’s grandmother, the mimic would descend upon you and relieve you of all your blood. That or you would be amputated piece by piece until all that was left of you was your head. Her grandmother assured her that the only repellent against this creature was to eat her vegetables.


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