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Catacombs: Just Resting My Eyes

(WHaaaa? Still no daily postings? Plus, gee! I really need to get the WIP page updated. It’s been a busy past few weeks ending with Planet Comicon. It was my first time going to a nerd-convention since I was little, so it was a lot of fun! Shout-out to my friend, Chip, who had a table at the Con for his graphic novel, Metaphase. The world can always use a wider variety of super heroes!)


Lydia stashed the rest of the walnuts back in her apron, wrapped her arms around her knees, and stared at the glowing jar of caterpillars. She had been listening for any movement in the passageways, but everything was quiet. The rat crawled forward, wrapped itself around the jar, and fell asleep. Lydia kept twitching, trying to stay awake, but the jar grew blurry and she closed her eyes.


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