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Through the Tombstones

I padded through the graveyard of unfinished stories. Each one, I knew I could bring back to life, but feared I would do them no justice. I could sense their carcasses rotting away in their file cases. Their ghosts berating me for not spending time with them. Others pleading for me to slice them up and make them new. Giving them life was always the easy part. Keeping them alive, is where I failed them. I punished myself, “This time will be different!” A few months pass and I fall away. My fear would set in and I would second-guess myself. I couldn’t see the way forward, so I just stopped. I walked along the sites of the dead until I reached the freshest grave, its epitaph, “Catacombs–Work In Progress.” I scooped away the dirt until I reached its case, but I did not open it. I was afraid to face my abandoned creation. I gathered my courage and peeked in. I brought my notebook and scribbled out the details; where she’d been and what she had done so far. I left her underground for so long with only a rat and some glowing caterpillars for company! Only I can give her closure.

I put her case into a barrow and carted her out of the graveyard. I was determined to bring her back from the dead and live with the possibility I could disfigure her beyond repair. At least she would have a chance.

I have created a very rough outline of where the story will go from here. It will need to be modified, but I have more direction than I did! Tomorrow, Lydia’s adventures through the Catacombs will continue. 


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