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It Always Surprises You

This is the strangest move I’ve ever done. We have a full 6 days where we are technically renting two apartments. I pre-packed some stuff already. Mainly books and video games. (There are still so many unpacked books, but I ran out of boxes and tubs). I cleaned out quite a bit of the oven last night while I was typing up prog-notes* and all the pictures are still up on the walls.

That all sounds pretty normal, right? But I’m not stressed. I’ve moved so many times in my life. Each one has almost always been stressful. In my childhood, it involved leaving my life behind along with all the relationships I built. It was always an emotionally exhausting situation. In my adult-life, it means scrambling to get everything moved in a few hours from one apartment to the next and then deep-cleaning the vacated one before noon.

Not this time. Moving day is less than a week away, we have 6 days to move out and clean, and I am getting paid time off to do it. Paid vacations are a wonderful thing. Part of me wonders if I should still be a mess of stress about it. But, I’ve had enough money-stress and people-drama in my life right now, I am counting it as a bonus that I won’t be adding moving-stress to the mix.

I also can’t wait to live in an apartment that I can breathe in when the air conditioner is on. I’m moving up in the world! Hopefully the next move will be to a house that will be ours.

Onward, my friends!

*I receive dictation from a therapy agency and type up progress notes in a Medicaid-friendly format for billing purposes. 


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