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Home: The Never-ending Project

Normally, I break up my prog-notes into 20-minute runs. I set up the phone app, “Unfuck Your Habitat,” and accomplish a house-cleaning project while getting my work done. Today was not that kind of day. Maintenance is supposed to come in tomorrow to change our A/C filter, check our smoke detector, and check our water heater. Normally, this means they swap out the metal filter, push the detector button, then leave. Or it means they wind up doing something completely different than the notice stated (our maintenance people are sub-par).

I have grown to greatly dislike the maintenance staff over the past two years. So, instead of avoiding prog-notes by scouring the kitchen, I’ve made my butt and legs numb by plowing through all 21 notes rather than cleaning. Seriously, I can’t walk straight right now. My knees aren’t working. Oh, darn! I suppose that means I can’t pick up those dirty clothes in the bedroom or move the boxes clear out of the way of the window unit! Shucks. Maybe I could take the trash out; IF ONLY I hadn’t spent the past couple of hours editing and formatting those notes and rendering my legs useless! Man, my bed sure seems really comfy. Eyelids? Why are you making it impossible to clean? *sigh*

I friggen’ love making excuses! I get my stuff done, but I do love making time to dally. Dallying is important! Erm…


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