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I’m so excited! We get our keys and walk-through of our new place tomorrow!

We also get to go to a friend’s baby shower tomorrow. Yay, babies!

Basically, tonight is a night of getting the first car-load ready and glaring at my air conditioner. Apparently the filter was filthy-gross when they came to, “change it out.” By that, I mean, they rinsed it out in the sink and put it back in. Arglfaflhgh. I’m super excited to get started tomorrow. I’m only worried about how our deposit is going to work. They never came out to give us a quote for the dent in the wall caused by our old, huge box tv. Also, I went to change out the closet light bulb (finally), and it turns out the bulb and socket were scorched. Great! Fantastic! No! We’ll put in a request for that amidst the move and hope they don’t try to charge us for stuff that they should have fixed the first time we asked them instead of the third or fourth.

Now for the best part! I’M ON VACATION!!!!!!


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