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*Dusts Out the Cobwebs*

Excuse me, Excussey McXusserton! You have had internet for multiple months now AND you have a shiny new laptop that doesn’t go, “BRZZZZZZZZTTTTT KKKKKKCHCHHH BRRRZZsighzzzzz.” It’s time to stop putting this off again! All those encouraging spambots have had lovely things to say about your posts! Don’t let them down!

I have all these idea-bats flying around my head and I need to put them some place before I forget them. Oh, yeah! I have a place. Right here. [I’m unsure how to crudely gesture at the blog… just go with it.]

Personal updates–I have a shiny new pokey thing on my finger! The Buttface proposed a couple of weeks ago. Hooray! I also got a shiny new promotion at the bookstore! I now lead shifts. Gotta learn how to flank the enemy and catch them by surprise! Tolkein, you take the left-flank. Poe, you charge from the front. Rowling, do some magic doo-hingy.

I haven’t decided on a strategy for tackling projects yet, but I’m re-railing myself. I’ve found my time again! I have time for gaming, reading, and occasional crafting. There are plenty of bits in between where I’m wondering what I want to do. I can fill some of those bits!

Enter Player 1


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