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Ahh, Vacation!

I’m on day 1 of my glorious stay-cation! I have nowhere I need to be. No one I need to see. No errands that are demanding my attention. I’ve been watching shows, figuring out which ones I need to catch up on (looking at you, Doctor Who), downloading updates to my Steam games that I’ve neglected, and figuring out what kind of crafts I want to play with this week. I can’t remember the last vacation I had where some obligation wasn’t waiting until I was comfortable to pull me away from my glorious hermitry. Pft. What? I can’t make up words? I’ll show you!

I’m overdue for a recharge, my apartment’s pretty much clean, and the fridge is full! Let the fun and games begin!

The dragons sat, patiently waiting for the other to make its first move. There would only be one victor in this battle. The one to eat the last cookie.


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