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Urgent: Your Immediate Attention is Required

Dear Madame,

I ask that, while you read this, you take all these information into consideration before making a decision. I know my English am poor. I know that it will seems too good to be true, but I assure you, it is quite legitimate. I have had my lawyers pour over the details and it is solid.

It is with my deepest sympathize that I am inform you of the death of your estranged cousin and my dear husband, Raabi Delnor. He found himself to be quite alone at the end of his life, but discovered he had a cousin in the far away of America. He wanted to do good for family in the end of his life and wished to share his wealth of Dollars Two Million ($2 000 000).

He is currently residing in the Geist Purgatory Waiting Room deep within Earth’s mantle on the Afrikan continent, somewhere between the 18th and 22nd centuries. In order to send funds, we need to supply some of your information:
Full Name:
Social Security No:
Birth Date:
Birth Place:
Soul Security No:
Bank Account No:

The Soul Security Number can be obtained by inhaling the fumes of boiled Monkshood on the 29th of Febuar, adding three drops of your blood, then drinking the brew in its entirety. Write the number that flashes in front of your eyes in the third hour following.

I have requested the assistance of your cousin’s financial advisor, Dr Granaugh, to finalize this transexecution.

It is vital that you contact us immediately. Due to the nature of the Geist government in the century your cousin is residing, you will be unable to respond to this message directly. Please contact Dr Granaugh directly via bloodpool if you wish to help us facilitate this transfer more quickly.

I implore you to make this decision with haste. I fear the Geist government will confiscate your cousin’s wealth before we will able to secure them.

I have attached a document detailing the steps for obtaining the Soul Security Number and the Blood Sacrifice to contact Dr Granaugh. You have nothing to lose and can give your dear cousin the peace of mind. I again must apoligise for my poor English and hope there have be;en no translation errors.

May the Ancient Ones bring you to their sight

Your eternally

Mattia Delnor

All typos were intentionally placed to make you cringe. This has been another Terribleminds flash fiction challenge.


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