Catacombs: The Road Not Taken

A mud-spattered girl finally discovered a passage smelling of clean air. She no longer cared if the sound of her dragging bum leg attracted the foul creatures of the catacombs. This had to be the way out. She thought she heard footsteps at the junction behind her, but she didn’t care anymore. She needed out and the air was making her giddy. 

“A grate!” she thought with joy. She scrabbled as fast as her leg would allow and curled her fingers through the grate. She pushed with all her might, but it would not budge. She could hear birds taunting her from the other side. She tried pulling and hitting the grate. But it still would not open. 

“Oh, child. THERE you are,” a familiar voice whispered in her ear. “Are you sure you wish to leave this place?”

The girl stood frozen, but managed a nod. That voice was the reason for the bite in her leg.

“Well, then. Answer Auntie Gretta one teeny riddle, and she’ll open the way.” 


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