Catacombs: Oh, Excuse Me

Lydia ducked to her left into an alcove and tried to make herself as small as possible. She stared back at the pool and saw a giant, frog-like head emerge from the water. It belched out a loud, “BRAAADDUP,” and sloshed its way out of the water. It was twice the size of Lydia. Its front-end looked like a frog and it’s back-end tapered into a rattlesnake’s tail. It stretched its front legs, shook off the water, and sniffed the air.


I’ve noticed a wee bit more traffic through here recently! Welcome! If you’re wondering what the post above is, it’s part of a story that I’m trying to write daily for (but really, it’s whenever I give myself a moment to write). The goal is to write a paragraph or so of the story per day. Kind of like a web-comic without the pictures. I’ve been pretty much keeping the whole story updated here if you’d like to read it from the beginning!

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