Paige S. is a mid-twenty-something used bookseller who is rediscovering the crazy world of writing while navigating the adult world of bills and debt. She’s happier when she writes and has restarted the process with renewed vigor.

She loves almost all things crafty and is most happy to share them with you on her blog! She’s still getting her footing, so patience is appreciated.

Third-person perspective is over! First Person time!

I have a large and complicated family, I have my Buttface who I adore (it’s a term of endearment, I swear!), I’m working two jobs to make ends meet right now because college loans and car loans are a pain! Full time bookseller & part time medicaid-note-transcriber.

With all that going on, it’s hard to put my fun projects and aspirations first. But I’m tired of putting my stuff on hold while I toil through paying things off. So, why not do both?

I recently started a short story about a girl being dropped into the catacombs under a city and have decided to write a paragraph or so daily. I’ve been extremely happy with this decision and it has made my outlook brighter because of it! Creating even a little bit every day does wonders.

Now, go play!

~Paige S.


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