Flash Fiction

Here lie my Flash Fiction challenges. There should be more, but, as you can see, my consistency’s off. However, my personal goal is to create every day! There will be more of these in the future once I’ve gotten the website project a little more solid.

12/07/12 – Jessica Kill – 500 words: Put some music program/device on shuffle and the first song title is the title of your story. Pandora gave me “Jessica Kill” by Sum 41.

12/01/12 – Reunited – 1000 words including: an impossible doorway, an indestructible tree, a sudden storm, an ancient curse, and a music box

10/17/12 – Mirrors, Mirrors – <100 words: a scary story in 3 sentences. It must be a complete story, not a snapshot.

10/23/11 – Bully! – 100 word story about bullying.

10/09/11 – Just Me ‘n’ Steggy and… – 1000 words or less: Create a brand new monster. Mom’s favorite!

09/28/11 – Shiny – 500 words: Propt- “You awake to find yourself on a train with no idea where it’s headed. The last thing you remember was being on a date.”  (My best friend said that this story is, “creepy as hell, for the record.”  Hooray!)

09/23/11 – Funny Formaldehyde – Story  must be 3 sentences long. The visual of this makes me giggle.

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