Just Me ‘n’ Steggy and…

My name is Andrea Kearns, but I go by Andi. I’m 5 years old and reporting from my closet on my brother Alex’s Talkboy. It’s dark outside and mom and dad already went to bed. If I call for them now, I’ll scare away whatever’s under my bed. It’s happened the last 2 times. Dad even looked under there tonight and didn’t see anything. But I know it’s there.

It likes shadows a lot. It hides very well in them. I think it followed me from Grammy’s house. I was sleeping in mom’s old room. They like to leave the curtains open at night. I think it used to hide in the dark corner between the two windows in the room. But I hid under the covers so it couldn’t get me. I stayed under there until morning so it didn’t have its shadow anymore

It followed me home. I was sitting in the back seat of the van, watching to make sure no vampire bats could fly in through the window. Mom and dad said there weren’t any around here, so they didn’t close it. Alex said they’d bite my fingers if I stuck them out, so I made sure to sit in the middle seat. But vampire bats biting my fingers wasn’t my only problem. When we left Grammy’s, the thing jumped into the van a second before the light turned on when Alex slid the door open. It hid under the back seat. I’m glad my feet don’t touch the floor yet. I scrunch them up after I’m buckled in, but that makes my legs sore.

When we got home, it jumped into the garage right when Alex slid open the van door. It’s so fast! And the garage is full of dark places. I think it’s one of its favorite spots aside from the dark under my bed.

I’ve been studying it for days now. I arranged my stuffed animals on my bed to make it think I was sleeping. I’ve been watching it from my closet since then. I always make sure to wear my plastic bucket from the zoo on my head for protection and my Mr. Potato Head glasses so I can concentrate. I would be writing all of this down in notes, but it ate all my crayons and sucked my markers dry. I make sure to grab plenty of pretzels from the kitchen at snack time. I keep them in my pockets. And I have a sleeping bag, a pillow, and my red suitcase full of supplies for emergencies.

That includes my flashlight I got for Christmas last year. I can switch out the color from yellow to green and red by moving a switch back and forth. Shining the yellow light makes the thing hide really fast. But I’ve discovered something when I use the green lens. I shined it under my bed last night and I saw an outline of the thing. I turned off the flashlight really quick, but its eyes glowed green for a while after that.

It froze when I shined the green light on it. It crawled around under my bed. It had loose skin running between its arms and legs. The green light made it look black. It has smooth skin, 3 fingers on each hand ending in suction cups. I didn’t see a mouth. I couldn’t see anything about its face except the eyes. It was focused on a web, it was made out of shadows and it was stringing pieces together.

I’m taping the Talkboy to my bucket. Tonight, I’m going to try the red lens on the flashlight. I’m whispering so it doesn’t hear me.

I’m crawling to the bed. I have my stegosaurus, Steggy, on my bed under the covers so it thinks I’m sleeping.


I’m shining the red light under the bed, but I don’t see anything.


I switched to the green light, but I still don’t see anything under the bed.


I switched back to red. I see it. It’s on the wall above my bed. I don’t think it can see the red light. Its eyes are glowing red, but I don’t think it sees me. It has its web that was under the bed last night.

It’s fitting it around Steggy’s tail! I forgot to cover it up all the way!

No! Stop it! It’s pulling Steggy apart!



Ow! No! Please! Mom! MOOOOM!


*stifled sobs* I’m *gulp* under my covers with Steggy. It tried to bite me, but it had crayons stuck in its teeth. It tried to pull me to a really dark corner behind my dollhouse. I hit it. My flashlight’s broken and it’s waiting for me to come out from under the blankets. Its eyes are still glowing red and it’s keeps gliding around the room in circles.

I can’t reach the light switch without getting out of my blanket. I hope it’s daytime soon.

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